Montanans For Safe Wildlife Passage advocates for innovative solutions to maintain habitat connectivity and provide safe passage for Montana’s people, fish, and wildlife.

About Us

Montanans For Safe Wildlife Passage (MSWP) formed in 2011 to bring individuals and conservation groups together to advocate for the innovative solutions to improve and/or maintain habitat connectivity across Montana roads and provide safe passage for Montana’s people, fish, and wildlife. Our members include individuals who have been working on improving passage for wildlife and aquatic species for over 15 years, including research, monitoring, policy work, mapping, and on-the-ground projects.

Our Priorities

  1. Integrate Montana FWP connectivity data and wildlife considerations into the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) planning process.
  2. Raise the public profile for safe wildlife crossings.
  3. Increase the number of wildlife mitigation measures on Montana’s highways to provide safe passage for people and wildlife.
  4. Build a coalition with diverse allies interested in wildlife and public safety on Montana roads.
  5. Explore state and federal policy solutions.
  6. Launch Citizen Science along priority roadways and ensure that mitigation measures are incorporated into transportation plans for these roadways.

Recent News

Chances of Hitting a Deer in My State – Report

We are still #2. In 2016, MT drivers had a 1 in 58 chance of hitting a deer (or similarly-sized large animal). This year, 1 in 57… so that’s a 1.8% increase. Average costs have also risen, from $3,995 last year to $4,179. Read Full Report

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