Walk 4 Wildlife Crossings

Wildlife advocate, photographer, and educator Scott Poindexter is walking across the US to raise public awareness around the need for wildlife crossings. Scott hopes that his trek will inspire people to take action for wildlife crossings across the country.

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August 19, 2020… Read the full Post

Stay off the grille: Montana forges solutions to wildlife roadkill

As the state with the worst odds for hitting a deer on the road, it’s not surprising that Montana has some of the most dedicated efforts to change that. Montanas for Safe Wildlife Passage is a coalition of independent groups working to improve traffic safety.… Read the full Post

Final report: Montana Wildlife and Transportation Summit (December 2018)

This report shares key takeaways and recommendations that emerged from the Montana Wildlife and Transportation Summit held in Helena, Montana, December 4- 5, 2018.

Following the examples set by Wyoming and Colorado, Montana held this summit with the goal of addressing transportation and wildlife issues through relationship building and information sharing.… Read the full Post

Montana’s wildlife needs safer crossings

If you’re ever driving along U.S. Highway 93 in Montana, be ready for the chance you’ll encounter a deer in your car’s headlights. Montana currently ranks second in the nation for the risk of wildlife–vehicle collisions, according to State Farm Insurance.… Read the full Post

Montana to host Wildlife and Transportation Summit in December 2018

Montanans for Safe Wildlife Passage is proud to partner with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Department of Transportation, the Office of the Montana Governor and the Western Transportation Institute to plan and host Montana’s first wildlife transportation summit to be held in December 2018.… Read the full Post

With 51 Grizzly Mortalities, 2018 Deadliest Year On Record For Montana Bears

2018 has been the deadliest year since scientists started keeping track for grizzlies in Northwest Montana — a number that hasn’t gone above 35 in more than a decade.

“We did have a record high number of mortalities,” says Cecily Costello, a grizzly bear research biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. … Read the full Post

Grizzly bear died after being hit by a train near Columbia Falls

A male grizzly bear cub died after being hit by a train last week on the railroad tracks near Columbia Falls, according to a press release from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

BNSF Railway reported hitting a grizzly bear near North Hilltop Road on November 8.… Read the full Post

Grizzly bear, two cubs killed trying to cross highway in northwestern Montana

Officials with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes wildlife program say a family of grizzly bears was killed as the female bruin and her two cubs tried to cross a highway on northwestern Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation. The deaths bring to four the number of grizzlies killed this year on a 13-mile stretch of Highway 93 near Ronan.… Read the full Post

Chances of Hitting a Deer in My State – Report

We are still #2. In 2016, MT drivers had a 1 in 58 chance of hitting a deer (or similarly-sized large animal). This year, 1 in 57… so that’s a 1.8% increase. Average costs have also risen, from $3,995 last year to $4,179.… Read the full Post

Roadkill: An Emergency Responder, Absent A Gun, Is Handed A Grim Task

The red emergency lights from the fire truck sweep over the elk. She is sternal, her legs drawn up under her, head and neck up. Such long necks. “F–k,” I exhale, seeing that there is still active, unfolding carnage here. I can see the driver, sitting up in the pickup cab, face lit by the glow of his phone.… Read the full Post