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Montana’s wildlife needs safer crossings

If you’re ever driving along U.S. Highway 93 in Montana, be ready for the chance you’ll encounter a deer in your car’s headlights. Montana currently ranks second in the nation for the risk of wildlife–vehicle collisions, according to State Farm Insurance. And that’s a big danger to animals and drivers alike. More than a million […]

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Montana to host Wildlife and Transportation Summit in December 2018

Montanans for Safe Wildlife Passage is proud to partner with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Department of Transportation, the Office of the Montana Governor and the Western Transportation Institute to plan and host Montana’s first wildlife transportation summit to be held in December 2018. The purpose of the Montana Wildlife and Transportation Summit is […]

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With 51 Grizzly Mortalities, 2018 Deadliest Year On Record For Montana Bears

2018 has been the deadliest year since scientists started keeping track for grizzlies in Northwest Montana — a number that hasn’t gone above 35 in more than a decade. “We did have a record high number of mortalities,” says Cecily Costello, a grizzly bear research biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Listen to the full story.

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Grizzly bear died after being hit by a train near Columbia Falls

A male grizzly bear cub died after being hit by a train last week on the railroad tracks near Columbia Falls, according to a press release from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. BNSF Railway reported hitting a grizzly bear near North Hilltop Road on November 8. Read the full story.

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Grizzly bear, two cubs killed trying to cross highway in northwestern Montana

Officials with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes wildlife program say a family of grizzly bears was killed as the female bruin and her two cubs tried to cross a highway on northwestern Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation. The deaths bring to four the number of grizzlies killed this year on a 13-mile stretch of Highway […]

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Chances of Hitting a Deer in My State – Report

We are still #2. In 2016, MT drivers had a 1 in 58 chance of hitting a deer (or similarly-sized large animal). This year, 1 in 57… so that’s a 1.8% increase. Average costs have also risen, from $3,995 last year to $4,179. Read Full Report

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Roadkill: An Emergency Responder, Absent A Gun, Is Handed A Grim Task

The red emergency lights from the fire truck sweep over the elk. She is sternal, her legs drawn up under her, head and neck up. Such long necks. “F–k,” I exhale, seeing that there is still active, unfolding carnage here. I can see the driver, sitting up in the pickup cab, face lit by the […]

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The 10 Most Dangerous Stretches of Highway in Montana: MSWP’s New Report Published

High-Risk Zones for Ungulate-Vehicle Collisions during Montana’s Fall Migration Season Tyler Creech, PhD Meredith McClure, PhD Renee Callahan, JD, MESM INTRODUCTION Wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVCs) represent a serious threat to human safety and property and to wildlife populations. More than a million WVCs with large mammals occur each year in the United States, resulting in more […]

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Montana No. 2 in nation for wildlife vs. car collisions

From the Billings Gazette, Sep 20, 2016: “Montana has the distinction of ranking No. 2 in the nation for auto versus deer, elk or moose collisions, according to a report by State Farm insurance company based on the number of claims filed. State Farm calculated the odds at 1 in 58 that a Montana […]

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Wildlife Bridges offer deer, antelope safe passage over highways

From the Wyoming Tribute Eagle, Nov 7, 2014: A herd of eight pronghorn antelope mosey over a bridge. From their perspective, the bridge’s surface looks just like the prairie on either side of the span. Thanks to the 4-foot high berms on the edge of the 150-foot-wide overpass, the pronghorn show no sign of […]

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Salt Lake Tribune – “Fed grants to help landslide repair, wildlife protection” (August 2, 2012)

Eleven Utah highway projects — ranging from helping to repair a massive landslide near Cedar City to building wildlife crossings near Kanab where deer-vehicle collision rates are high — will split $5.8 million in discretionary grants announced Thursday by the U.S. Department of Transportation. READ MORE.

Cupertino Patch – “De Anza Students Help Coyotes Cross the Road” (July 18, 2012)

Student researchers document 26 mammal species crossing over or under Hwy. 101. Using remote cameras and other tracking techniques, the students developed a guide on how to foster safe passage between wildlife corridors in the valley.  READ MORE.

National Parks Conservation Association – “National Parks Group Honors Governor Gregoire at Annual Western Governors Meeting” (June 11, 2012)

Seattle, WA — The National Parks Conservation Association today honored Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire’s leadership in addressing the issue of wildlife-vehicle collisions on Washington State’s roads and her broader leadership on wildlife corridors, with the National Parks Achievement Award. The Governor received the award at the Western Governors Association’s (WGA) annual meeting, aptly themed “Get Out West”.  READ MORE.

Journal of Commerce – “Critter Crossings are a Regular Part of  Roadbuilding Projects (June 11, 2012)

Getting wildlife of all shapes and sizes across new and existing highways is becoming an increasing global issue, said Greg Czernick, chief environmental officer for B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  He said that highway planners struggle to find the right structure to entice critters to cross.  READ MORE.

Idaho Statesman – “Idaho 21 wildlife underpass apparently works” (May 30, 2012)

An average of 2,600 vehicles travel to and from the Boise area on Idaho 21 each day. An estimated 90 percent of a herd of 5,000 to 8,000 mule deer and a herd of 300 to 1,800 elk cross the highway each fall, when they come down from the mountains to the Boise Front and the Lucky Peak area. READ MORE. 

The Sacramento Bee – “Tunnel, Fence near Shingle Springs to Help Critters Cross Hwy. 50 Safely” (May 19, 2012)

On a wooded and wildlife-rich stretch of Highway 50 in the foothills, Caltrans is about to launch an unusual road safety experiment – for critters and drivers alike.  READ MORE

Reuters – “Mild Winter Leads to More Car-Animal Collisions” (May 16, 2012)

The mild winter led to at least one unexpected consequence: many more costly collisions between cars and wildlife on American roads.  READ MORE

Missoula Independent – “Lethal Lick: Is road salt drawing bighorn sheep to their doom?” (May 10, 2012)

The bighorn sheep herd near Thompson Falls has fluctuated over the past 31 years. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has recorded population numbers as high as 432 and as low as 161. Wildlife biologist Bruce Sterling says that’s only natural. READ MORE. 

Missoulian – “Highway Accidents Decimating Bighorn Sheep Herd in Thompson Fall Area” (May 3, 2012)

Motor vehicle collisions have continued to decimate a bighorn sheep herd in the Thompson Falls area, and wildlife officials said the declining population has reached a new nadir and represents an alarming trend.  READ MORE

Rocky Mountain Outlook – “Two Moose Killed on Tracks” (April 26, 2012)

Two young moose have been struck and killed on the train tracks in Banff National Park this month.  READ MORE

Rocky Mountain Outlook – “Lynx Image Captures World’s Imagination” (April 19, 2012)

A rare photo of a lynx crossing a wildlife overpass on the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park has captured the imagination of people around the world.  READ MORE

Missoula Independent – “Antelope Odyssey: The Remarkable Journey of Migrating Pronghorn (January 19, 2012)

On a blustery spring day, I crouched behind sagebrush at the edge of the Green River in western Wyoming, waiting for pronghorn to pass by on their northern migration. Occasional snowflakes fluttered into the steel-colored water. I pulled my arms inside my down jacket, zipped to the chin. Hours went by. READ MORE.

Missoula Independent – “The Violence of Driving – It’s not ‘roadkill,’ it’s slaughter” (August 25, 2011)

Slow is not always beautiful, but it’s the best way to experience the West—for better or worse. When I’m cross-country bicycling, I’m out in the air where I can smell everything, including the road surface, petroleum exhaust and carrion, especially deer that have died after being hit by vehicles. READ MORE.

9KXLH – “Animal crossing structures saving lives in Montana” (June 29, 2011)

Montana spent millions to make Highway 93 safe for people and animals, and now the creators of the People’s Way project say it’s paying off by saving lives. READ MORE.